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Máy bơm chữa cháy Tohatsu VF53AS

Giá : VND
Số lượng:
Đầy đủ giấy tờ, catalogue kèm theo
Model:  VF53AS
 Engine: Type:  Tohatsu 4-stroke, 3-cylinder, water cooled gasoline engine
Bore & Stroke:  61mm x 60mm
Piston displacement:  526cc
Authorized output:  30PS (22kW) / 5800rpm
Fuel tank:  10 liters
Fuel consumption:  9.5 liters/h.
Ignition:  Flywheel magneto (Digital C.D.Ignition)
Starting system:  Starter motor and automatic recoil system
Lubrication:  Wet sump
Engine oil:  API rating of SF, SG, SH or SJ. SAE 10W30/40
Engine oil tank capacity:  2 liter (when oil filter is replaced)
Spark plug:  NGK DCPR6E
Floodlight projector:  12V55W
Battery:  12V-16Ah/ 5h
 Pump: Type:  Single suction, single stage, high pressure turbine pump
Discharge outlet coupling:  JIS fire thread (B-9912) 2-1/2" (65mm) male
 BSP 65mm (G2-1/2") male
Suction inlet coupling:  JIS fire thread (B-9912) 3" (75mm) male
 BSP 100mm (G4") male
Priming:  Rotary-vane vacuum pump (Oilless type)
 Pump performance:
 (Suction height: 3m)
 1200 liter/min. at 0.6MPa
 950 liter/min. at 0.8MPa
 700 liter/min. at 1.0MPa
 Dimensions:  Length 670mm x Width 790mm x Height 740mm
 Mass: Dry:  101kg
Wet:  110kg
 Max. suction height:  Approx. 9m (29.5 feet)

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